‘My Thoughts on War’ written by an Australian Army Doctor after returning from Afghanistan

Two roads diverged in a wood and I –
I took the one less travelled by
It wasn’t grassy nor wanting wear
In fact was paved in blood and in despair.

The soldiers laughed and made good cheer
Past wars and injuries unclear.
Uniforms adorned in pride
Intended for honour – but they lied.

Beneath the fabric of green and brown
– who the hell knows what went down.
The scars, holes and changed anatomy
Broke my heart and shattered me.

I held your arm while you screamed and moaned
An arm not attached to a hand nor bone
You looked to my eyes and begged for sleep
I’ll be haunted by you long and deep.

Another cut open to expose your heart –
Pumped barehand hoping it would start.
I wonder if your family is aware the Padre was there to pray, bless and care.

I’m home now sitting on a beach
The world walks by completely out of reach
I envy you your happiness in life
As I’m caught up in darkness and in strife

I’m the doctor supposed to have answers
to pain, depression and cancers
But fundamentally human, I’m just a man
Coping with effects of Afghanistan.

To all friends and family reading this-
I invite you to embrace your current bliss
But never forget soldiers of today
Who give up everything to keep evil at bay.


This poem was written by a young Australian Army doctor after returning from Afghanistan. He’s a person I’m proud to call a friend, a caring soul, an uncle, a son, a brother, a lifesaver (in more ways then one). He would do anything for anyone – including fighting for your freedom and the freedom of others.

Some words are in tribute to Robert Frost.