Australia Remembers – The Women’s Axillary Association with Betty Dolan & Phyllis Renwick

Australia Remembers Frances (Betty) Dolan & Phyllis Renwick speaking in this video about the Womens Axillary association and their involvement. Bettys husband was an ex-servicemen and interested in starting a subbranch RSL Club in Currumbin. A few years after the Sub Branch was running, it was decided to form a Womens Axillary to support the Sub Branch. Betty was the original president of this Axillary. Betty and the current president, Phyllis Renwick talk about their involvement and how they assisted the local Currumbin community and RSL.

#AustraliaRemembers – Veterans and supporters of Currubin RSL talking about their or their family members experiences during service at war.

Currumbin RSL hopes assist to educated the youth and immortilize the memories so we all have a better understanding of the history surrounding war veterans. We welcome YOU to share your story or a family members story in relation to our Australia Remembers campaign below in the comments section, email footage and images to Stacey at or drop them in at our reception desk and we will return them back to you safely.

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