Australia Remembers – The Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS)

Australia Remembers – The Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS)

The letter below was written by Florence (Floss) Lorraine Beever, President of the Queensland AWAS that met regularly at Currumbin RSL. The images that coincide include its members.

I always wanted to join the army as my father was in the 8th Light Horse in World Ward 1. So my brother and I joined in WW11. I had to wait until I was 18 in 1944 and didnt know what to expect, but I enjoyed every minute and enjoyed so many lovely friendships which I still have today.

I did my training at Darley in Victoria then was sent to Ordinance at Broadmeadows, where we sent all equipment to the troops everywhere.

Some of us hadnt been away from home before and when we arrived at the camp we were given a pillowcase to go to the straw hut and fill for our bed. Finally we all got to sleep (20 in our hut) and the girl next to me screamed out and woke us all up as she discovered a mouse running around in the straw.

My father was at the landing of Gallipoli and told us many stories, but unfortunately after the war was over and he came home, wasnt able to work as he was handicapped and passed away at 55.

I moved from Victoria to Queensland in 1982 and I think 2 years later joined the ex AWAS Association Queensland and served on the committee as secretary, vice president and the last few years as president for Queensland.

We have enjoyed so many happy times together so it is with so much sadness that we cant keep it going. Owing to ill health catching up with us and our ages being from 86 plus nearly to 100. We will still keep in touch with each other and have so many happy memories to remember such a wonderful experience.

Thank you for your interest in our association.

Yours faithfully,
Floss Beever.

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