Australia Remembers – A Currumbin RSL Remembrance Initiative

Australia Remembers – A Currumbin RSL Remembrance Initiative

Currumbin RSL encourages fostering a strong sense of national pride. It understands the value of life and how evanescent freedom can be and it knows the sacrifices made by our Veterans helped create the life of freedom we enjoy in Australia today.

Through the implementation our Australia Remembers project we hope that the community further understands the pride, respect, national identity and unity our Veterans posses. Education is an important ingredient in increasing community awareness and in passing on traditions and understanding to future generations.

Discover stories and images in the following pages of ex and current servicemen and women speaking about their own experiences in their own words and providing a rare insight into the personal challenges and triumphs associated with serving Australia. Their stories cover a wide spectrum of service from combat to peace-keeping to the thoughts, fears and lives of the families and friends that remained on Australian soil.

We hope the following interviews, letters and images offer a different insight and deeper understanding of our history and the importance of Days of Remembrance.

Currumbin RSL welcomes you to share your story or a family members story in relation to our Australia Remembers campaign. Offer your comments in the comments section, email footage and images to Stacey at or drop them in at our reception desk and we will return them back to you safely.

Main Image Keith Payne VC OAM DSC SS (US) and Clarrie Meredith from the 53rd Militia who fought at Kokoda in 1942. Photo taken at Kokoda PNG
Image 2. Current service personnel receiving care parcels. This photo was sent with an accompanying letter of thanks to Currumbin RSL
Image 3. Framed photograph and medals placed on the beach at Currumbin RSL Dawn Service 2012

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